Verifying Needs, Eliminating Concern

The utilization review process begins with one call to the Hines & Associates, Inc. toll-free number. Our goal? Simplify the system for the insured and all family members.

While doing this, Hines...

Telephone/Web Accessible

The insured, a family member, hospital representative or the doctor can precertify via either method. If notified of the confinement by a provider, Hines will contact the insured and/or family.


Accurate, efficient communication is essential to timely and fair claim decisions. Hines offers a variety of reports and delivery methods including secure FTP services and real-time online reporting at no additional charge. Online, you can review precertification and case management status as often as needed. If data is collected, we can report it.

Dedicated to health care education for over three decades, Hines' door to communication is always open. Any and all questions are welcome and answered with a timely response.