For Payers, Opusone offers a wide range of comprehensive, customizable services, including Underwriting, Plan Design, Marketing Support and Network Development.

With Opusone, you’ll enjoy consistently high-quality results, every time.

Consultation & Analytics

Hines’ Consultation & Analytics, built on continuous analysis and predictive modeling, is designed to embrace your members’ needs while optimizing your costs, through:

  • Support for clients and stop-loss carriers with predictive modeling
  • Analytics showing the impact of Opusone on your business and for your members
  • Hines Business Intelligence team provides ongoing analysis, cost modeling and optimization strategies
  • Extensive assistance with analytics with Stop-Loss Carriers during renewals

Plan Design

Hines’ comprehensive, robust and flexible Plan Design services are crafted so your members get the best care, at the right cost:

  • Recommendations on plan language to support Opusone‘s suite of products
  • Consultative support on medical trends, alternatives and regulations
  • Regular reviews of claims experience to deliver a concise summary of opportunities and potential SPD improvements
  • The objective: reducing costs and Population Management through better healthcare utilization, claims management and member engagement


When it comes to successful sales campaigns and customer relationships, Hines’ Marketing Support provides you with a strategic and creative advantage, including:

  • Client support during the sale and implementation for your new business opportunities
  • Customized analytical support, member communication, education materials available on demand

Network Development

Because Network Development is key in adding value to competitive contracting, Hines offers:

  • In-house network management and direct provider contracting teams
  • Qualified development of custom EPOs and Narrow Networks
  • Access and utilization of over 110 PPOs and specialized networks including telemedicine, visiting physicians, oncology, transplants, cardiac, etc.
  • Specialized programs for in and out-of-network claims
  • Through our parent company, Global Excel Management Inc., worldwide coverage for any out-of-country assistance and claims