Case Management

“I want to take the time and express my appreciation for the professionalism, candor, and kindness you all have shown regarding this difficult but complex case. I hope you know that I believe in you!!!!”
—TPA Clinical Nurse Coordinator


Hines' case management saves costs
Proven Results

Meet Kelly

Kelly, diagnosed with systemic lupus, was administered infusions daily for four consecutive days for two months. High claims from the local PPO hospital where she received treatment as an outpatient were noted. Claims with a 25 percent discount off billed charges totaled $80,849.57 a cycle. Hines’ case management researched costs with a home infusion provider contracted with the same PPO network. The infusion company held a PPO contract based on average wholesale pricing of the drug instead of a percentage of the billed charges.

The Result? A difference of $66,814.37/monthly.


We Put Our Reputation as an Industry Leader on the Line.

A nationwide benchmark for personalized managed healthcare excellence, our nurse specialists ensure that the complexities of each situation are cared for with skill.

Our professionals, with experience in at least one major clinical specialty, understand all the ramifications of a patient’s condition and treatment.

The result? Accurate needs assessment, appropriate care and cost conservation techniques—all within a timely manner.

Built-In Specialty Management Eliminates Multiple Vendors.

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