Short Term Disability Management

”I have only known you for a short time but I can tell that you get it. In the past, many nurses just gather information and do a great job on reporting the information. You take it to another level. You have a good knack of pushing our employees without aggravating them, and building a relationship as an advocate, not just an insurance person.”
—From a Self-Insured Employer
to the Disability Case Manager
Hines Short Term Disability gets people back to work
Proven Results

Meet Pam

Pam, a healthcare worker, hurt her back while lifting a patient. With the Short Term Disability program, she came back to work in several days with a modified work description. Without it, she might have stayed off the job for six months, greatly increasing the cost of the claim.

The Result? Total Savings $24,100.

All Avenues Utilized. Costs Reduced.

Employee absences decrease corporate productivity, profits and employee satisfaction.

As an industry leader, Hines’ strength in utilization review, case management and disability management create a powerful and effective force behind productivity.

These strong services are integrated to:

Hines’ short term disability management services are designed so that one case manager is assigned to the employee from the onset of disability.

Our clinical and vocational experts are advocates for

Hines will coordinate the application available under the Family Medical Leave Act for short term disability.

Hines’ Commitment to You:

We will work in a timely manner to appropriately return an employee to your workforce so that productivity is maintained or restored and both your medical costs and the consequential costs that short term disability impose are dramatically reduced.

Short Term Disability Expertise…A Positive Return on Your Investment!

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See our Short Term Disability PDF.