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Health risk assessments, labs with biometrics, and online and telephony-based coaching increase participants' health awareness to reduce risks and improve health. An individual with an identified health risk or diagnosed with a chronic health condition faces the challenge of making a lifestyle change. Once identified, the goal is to reverse the risk or slow the disease process and prevent or minimize future complications.

Hines & Associates, Inc. nurse specialists and certified health coaches work closely to empower and engage the participant to take control of the condition. This is accomplished through education, resource coordination, referral and support. Combined with goal setting and action plans, the process is underway to help avoid chronic condition complications and costly catastrophic conditions.

Hines’ Healthy Tomorrows™ Wellness, Prevention & Chronic Condition Management program utilizes a proprietary claim scrubbing and data analysis process to assist in the early identification and targeted engagement of individuals with chronic disease. Whether identification can be made by claim scrubbing, utilization review/precertification services, self-referrals or health risk assessments, Hines is dedicated to seeking candidates early and maximizing your program’s success.

With an overall focus on health awareness and lifestyle change, the process and its rewards are ongoing and cumulative. Smoking cessation, weight loss, improved nutrition, and increased activity reduce prevalence of diabetes, heart disease, morbid obesity, cancer, and other conditions as well as lower blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C.

Hines Healthy Tomorrows™—Lifestyle Changes for a Quality Life

Targeted conditions include: