Comprehensive Services

“ Hines offers competitive fees and a knowledgeable and courteous staff…They are extremely trusted to provide the best claim management at the most reasonable fee.”
—Susan, Client Services

Customer Service Excellence.

Hines’ expertise is dedicated to all customers and their employees. With Hines you have access to a…

Employees are empowered to resolve medical and personal issues that challenge their lives and work performance.

24-Hour Nurse Line—Help is Just a Call Away.

With access to state-of-the-art informational systems, an employee can speak with an experienced registered nurse who shares education, support, advice and, when appropriate, input on in-home care. High expectations welcome! Limit office and emergency room visits through health education.


In Sync with Wellness! Working with Your Wellness Program Provider Completes a Picture of Health.

Communication and coordination provide a complete and proactive approach to wellness. You decide which Wellness vendor best meets your employees’ preventative needs and Hines will ensure that no potentially acute or chronic diagnosis is overlooked.

Healthier Employees Equal Higher Productivity.