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BABE can reduce neonatal care costs
Proven Results

Meet Mrs. Smith

Expecting triplets, Mrs. Smith’s complications required bed rest and infusions. Working with her physician, Hines’ perinatologist developed a treatment plan and appropriate interventions that safely prolonged her pregnancy past 31-weeks. Meeting her gestation goal, her “preemies” became “infants”—and the need for intensive neonatal care was dramatically reduced for three infants.

Total Savings: $294,749.

Childbirth. Unique To Every Woman.

Whether a normal or high-risk birth, Hines’ nurse specialists share their knowledge of prenatal care through education, communication and compassion. Our comprehensive maternity management provides careful monitoring and indicates at-risk situations where Hines’ BABE Critical Care would be appropriate.

BABESM Advocacy Birth Education (BABE) Maternity Management Program. Nurse specialists encourage mothers to pursue – and live – a healthy lifestyle. Mothers benefit from ongoing support, discussion and clinical input from a Hines’ RN. Should complications arise, monitoring and intervention are pursued.

BABESM Critical Care (BCC) Neonatal Case Management. Essential to high-risk pregnancies, this comprehensive critical care/neonatal monitoring program provides continuity in care that begins at the onset of need and continues through post hospital discharge for the infant. This program ensures evaluation by a Hines' neonatologist and input with medical staff, as well as overall coordination with a Hines' case manager specializing in critical care/neonatal babies.

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See our BABESM Maternity Management PDF.