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Case/Chronic Condition Management
& Shock Loss Assessments

Before beginning the online submission process, it is suggested that you view or print a copy of the form, then gather all the information required to complete the whole form. Because of the sensitive nature of the information requested, the information is not saved in your computer or our web server and cannot be retrieved to be finished at another time. Therefore, the form must be completed in a single session. Additionally, the online application limits the amount of time your browser can remain idle. If for any reason you stay on a single page for more than 20 minutes, all information entered will be erased from memory, and will have to be reentered.

If, at any time, you wish to discontinue the submission process, be sure to close your browser to ensure that any data entered is no longer viewable on your computer. All information is erased on your computer, as well as on the Hines & Associates, Inc. server, whenever your browser is closed.

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All medical records can be submitted online, faxed or mailed to our office.

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