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"It is rewarding to witness the original goals from so many years ago remain strong, innovative and effective."

--Judy Hines
Hines and Associates, Inc.

An idea that continues to be carefully shaped, perfected and guided in its ongoing growth and potential new avenues is under the direction of Judy Hines, founder of Hines and Associates. Today, a nationwide leader in personalized managed healthcare, Hines' idea was initiated and shared on a sun porch with future administrators in 1987.

Hines and Associates, independent and privately owned, is the first personalized managed healthcare company to achieve URAC accreditation in case management, utilization review and disease management.

Celebrating the success and growth of quality comprehensive services, program excellence and cost containment, Hines continues to reach out even beyond America's shores. Her international travels to China and Singapore through Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) has proven to provide "a renewed feeling of partnering and the creating of new healthcare markets as I develop new relationships," says Hines.

Based in Elgin, IL, Hines' strong belief in the importance of consumer education and patient empowerment is an important aspect of health. A successful and unique program response is Hines' Healthy Tomorrows. Designed to help slow a disease process, individuals are coached by a disease management nurse. Empowered and engaged to take control of their specific situation, individuals can minimize complications, thereby slowing the disease process.

Hines' Specialty Case Management nurses impact high-risk areas, such as oncology and organ transplant, to patients in BABE Critical Care. Such training and focus by Hines' professionals positively impact high dollar concerns.

The importance of wellness, health risk assessment and coaching, has led Hines to reach out to overall health as noted throughout this web site. "One of the biggest differences from now and in the past is that we are seeing people take better charge of their own lives," explains Hines. "They have an understanding of healthcare and how to remain healthy."

What once was an idea on a sun porch is now a strong foundation for many more years of serving individuals in the health arena of personalized managed healthcare.