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Elevating Maternal Health: The Hines Approach

By July 1, 2024News, News

By Courtney Beckers

Maternal health is crucial, impacting the well-being of both mothers and their children.

Hines recognizes this with their innovative Maternity Management program, designed to provide comprehensive, empathetic support to expectant mothers. According to the NIH, rates of depression during pregnancy are experienced by 15-20% of mothers-to be, the general population is around 14%; this increase shows the need for emotional support during and after pregnancy.

Hines Maternity Management program offers personalized health coaching, educational resources, and consistent emotional support. This holistic approach ensures that mothers receive the care they need to thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally during their pregnancy. Healthy, supported mothers are more likely to experience positive pregnancy outcomes, setting a strong foundation for their children’s future.

Childbirth is unique to every woman. Whether a normal or high-risk birth, Hines’ nurse specialists share their knowledge of prenatal care through education, communication, and compassion. The program’s comprehensive maternity management carefully monitors and identifies at-risk situations, ensuring timely intervention.

  • Caring Registered Nurse Professionals: Stressing prenatal care and education, nurses encourage mothers to pursue a healthy lifestyle and recognize potential problems to avoid complications.
  • Educational Materials: Provided throughout the pregnancy to ensure mothers are well-informed.
  • Regular Check-ins: Low-risk mothers are contacted at key points, while high-risk mothers are contacted at least monthly, with more frequent contact if needed.
  • Postpartum Support: Discharge of the mother and baby is confirmed, and a postpartum call is made to ensure continued well-being.

High risk complications are estimated by UCSF Healthy to occur in 6-8% of all pregnancies. Essential for high-risk pregnancies, this program provides continuity in care from the onset of need through post-hospital discharge for the infant. It ensures evaluation and overall coordination with a Hines case manager specializing in critical care/neonatal babies, with input from medical staff to ensure comprehensive support.

The Maternity Management program at Hines exemplifies the organization’s commitment to maternal health and wellness. Through empathetic, comprehensive support, the program ensures that expectant mothers are well-prepared and confident throughout their pregnancy journey. The BABE program is a beacon of support for mothers, fostering healthier pregnancies and brighter futures.

Sources:, For more information, you can refer to the BABE Program Overview.

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