Hines, experts in healthcare, have been selected to help you with the pre-certification process.

When you or your dependents have been told by a doctor that a hospital stay, medical testing, procedure or surgery is needed, you must pre-certify to seek approval for the hospital stay or procedure.

Remember, if you do not pre-certify, your health benefits could be reduced. Maternity pre-certification can be started as soon as you become aware of your pregnancy.

The goal of pre-certification is to help you receive quality care. Care that is medically necessary and the least invasive with the best outcomes. Sometimes more conservative options can have the same results with less risk.


Dial the toll free number on the back of your health benefit card.

What information do you need when you call?
– Address, phone, and ID number
– Health Plan Group/Employer name and phone number
– Doctor’s name and address
– Hospital or facility’s name and phone number
– Diagnosis and type of care
– Date of admission, surgery or care

What if you get a recording?
Leave your name and phone number and Hines will contact you. In most cases, your phone call will meet the necessary requirement of your benefit plan.